CivCheckTM is built
for plan reviewers,
by plan reviewers.

We are proud to be a women and minority-founded team dedicated to empowering cities to build smarter and faster. 

With deep industry expertise in regulatory code compliance and ethical AI practices, we are on a mission to transform the permitting experience for jurisdictions and applicants.

A table with construction plans, a yellow hard hat, a metal ruler, and a tape measure. Two hands are also on the table belonging to different people. One hand is holding a pencil and the other is pointing out something on the plan.
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Meet our founders

Headshot for Dheekshita - Dheekshita smiling in pink blazer in front of a green, foliage background
Co-Founder & CEO

Public Sector Technologist, AI/ML/Engineering @ MIT

Headshot for Neha - Neha smiling in green blouse in front of a green, foliage background
Co-Founder & COO

Plan Reviewer & Building Code Consultant